Creations Galore and Moore: Oreo Cake Pops


1 bag of Candy Melts

12 Cake pop sticks

Piping Bags

12 Ribbon strips

Treat Bags

Styrofoam base or cake pop stand




Separate the Oreos

Warm chocolate in a microwave safe container.. 30 second increments until melted

Stick a cake pop stick into the chocolate and place in between 2 Oreo halves and stick them back together

Once the Oreos have dried, dip the Oreo pop into the chocolate and shake off any additional chocolate

Stand Oreo pop into Styrofoam until dry

Place candy melts into piping bag and twist bag

Cut the tip of the piping bag and drizzle back and forth and while it is still wet, add your sprinkles.

Once chocolate has set, place oreo pop into treat bag and tie it with a ribbon.

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