The Queen of Clean - Removing Ketchup Stains

You know, what’s a barbecue without hot dogs and hamburgers, and what’s a hot dog and a hamburger without ketchup? But when it drips on you, it’s just not quite as tasty as it was in the beginning. So today I wanna show you how you can remove it quickly and easily with no stains left behind.

First of all, if you spill enough, which I have before, to actually leave a glop on there, we’re gonna take any dull, straight edge. I love these little plastic spoons use anything you have. And I scrape off anything that I can any big parts of it. And see, I’ve just got a little tiny bit on there, but I’m not spreading it around. When I do that, then I’m gonna take some water in a bowl and I’m gonna add some detergent. Now you can use any kind. You want whatever detergent appeals to you.

Sometimes I buy whatever’s on sale. So if you do that perfect, now we’re gonna just mix it together. And then I’m going to take that stain and I’m gonna put it right into that bowl and let it soak now, as I’m always telling you clean, smarter, not harder. So let it soak for at least half an hour. If you’re gonna go to the grocery store, that’s fine. Let it soak. Nothing will harm it. When you come back, check it.

If the stain is gone, then you’re home free. You don’t have to do anything else.

If you still have a stain, I wanna tell you some things and it looks like I still have a stain. There we are. So let that soak and I’m gonna put that back in now. If you still have a stain, what you wanna do is you wanna take two parts of hydrogen peroxide and you wanna take one part of Dawn original dish soap, mix it together and put it on that stain. Let it sit for about half an hour to an hour. And generally that will take it out. It’s what I call my miracle laundry spotter.

When you’re done rinse it. If it’s gone, awesome, go ahead and launder it as usual. If not your best defense is a good offense. So there is a product you can use and it is called Carbona Stain Devils. And this one will take out ketchup. You buy these at the grocery store, they’re in these little bottles and they are specifically for different kinds of stains. Buy this one, use it according to directions. They are fantastic when you’re done and you launder it, take it out of the washer and make sure you look at it before you put it in the dryer. Because if you put it in the dryer and the stains still there, it’s set. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

This is all you need to know about taking out ketchup. For more information, go to Thanks for talking dirty with the queen of clean.