Parking lot party with the Barons for Lunch with Lynden

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s time to set the table for Lunch with Lynden, but Monday the table just happens to be the hood of one of the Baron’s cars because we went to The Pit BBQ, a carryout-only spot in downtown Birmingham.

It only makes sense for Taylor Broadway to get a local’s recommendation at The Pit.

“What do you get for lunch?” Broadway asked.

“I am getting me and my wife a barbecue plate,” a customer said.

Broadway ordered the same for him and his teammate.

“Most of the time I eat inside my car,” Trey Jeans said.

Not today. Jeans is a big barbecue eater from Arkansas. He’ll be back to try more meat roasted in the pit.

“It’s kinda like the hole in the wall back home you go to,” Jeans said.

Even though the local joint isn’t a sit-down, in the few moments the players were inside, they immediately made friends.

“Congratulations on everything, hope everything works out for y’all,” a worker said.

The workers provided the food, and Jeans provided some baseball advice for the chef’s little switch-hitter.

“Just let him keep going, if they let him choose both, let him choose both,” Jeans said.

Good advice, good grub and good people who will make sure to follow these pitchers the rest of the season.

“Tied for first right now, trying to make the playoffs,” Broadway said.

“Don’t say try, say you’re going to make it,” a customer said with a smile.

“Ok we’re going to make it,” Broadway added.

Barons are back home this week against Chattanooga.

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