Let’s Go!

MENTONE, Ala. (WBRC) - Andiamo is an Italian word which means “Let’s Go!” It’s also the name of a new lodge on Lookout Mountain, the creation of a couple from The Florida Panhandle. It’s about creating a different kind of destination.

“Steve and I met on 30-A. He opened a restaurant there in Alys Beach and I had a venue called Studio B. It was bringing together creatives from every walk. I was going to sell my house on 30-A because it had gotten just so busy there and we decided we wanted to have a mountain home,” explains Colleen.

Colleen and Steve found that home on Lookout Mountain along Little River and with so many summer camps for youngsters in the area, they decided to create a camp for grownups. They named it Andiamo.

Colleen remembers how it all started, “We started getting people saying, we want to come visit, we want to come visit and our cottage is not big enough for a lot of company. We saw this lodge. It needed repair for sure. There was a for sale sign lying down in the weeds and so we thought, this could be really cool. We could do Studio B only have rooms and have it be a destination. We have six rooms. Each has a fireplace and a full-on suite and then we have the Cottage At Andiamo. Every room is different, has a different color palette. They all have either have Peacock Alley lines or Redland Cotton linens. This is sort of the perfect storm of bringing together what Steve does with his restaurant business and food and what I do being a creative director.”

The idea was to create not just a place but an experience. It’s also about making memories. “Everyone who’s been, and we’ve had quite a few experiences, we call them, so far, and everyone who’s come from all over, most of whom have never heard of Lookout Mountain have just been blown away by Andiamo and by the area. It’s not just creative things like food, art, and photography. We are doing hiking, running, and cycling.”

Colleen points out the list of experiences that continue to grow. “Sean Of The South is coming May 14th. We are so excited to have him come. It’ll be an evening with Sean, and he’ll play his guitar and tell stories and we can’t wait. We will do the event at Sweet Seasons Farm.”

“Our tag line is ‘We’re more than just a place to rest your head.’ It’s not about bringing huge groups. It’s about small groups, intimate groups creating experiences and memories.”

“I call it Magical Mentone because it really is a very special place.”


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Fred Hunter

Fred Hunter

WBRC First Alert Meteorologist Fred Hunter was born in Alabama in the historic town of Ft. Payne. He has lived, attended school, raised his family and worked in the South all his life.