Tasty hobby turns into menu item at Galley and Garden

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Jessica Lindeen has always been innovative in the kitchen.

“I started in my step-father’s family business when I was 11 years old,” Lindeen said.

It’s why no one was shocked when she wanted to make fudge while managing her restaurant, Galley and Garden.

“I go into my fudge room and I rock out to my music,” Lindeen said.

It’s a new adventure - she perfected her fudge making skills during quarantine in 2020.

“That went really well, whole family got bigger and bigger and we just ate fudge all the time it was glorious,” Lindeen said.

It makes her just as happy to see her hobby turn into a menu item for all to try.

“With the lack of hours in the day, you want to be able to enjoy yourself at work sometimes, this is a release, it’s a pleasure, it’s a pleasure to do,” she added.

Lindeen isn’t afraid to experiment with unusual ingredients. She’ll use hibiscus and balsamic glaze to make new flavors.

“Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, usually it worked,” Lindeen said.

Lindeen’s husband, Virgil Morris, said her inventive combinations come from her time working as a chef in Guatemala.

“When I was out of the country and I didn’t have access to products or anything like that I would try different ways to do it,” Lindeed said.

“If anyone wants a particular or peculiar fudge type, let her know - she’ll create it,” Morris added.

“Play with flavors. I like cinnamon, good for your heart, good for your blood,” Lindeen said.

Red velvet, maple bacon, and peanut butter are some of the fudge on rotation right now.

“This stuff is rich and good,” Lindeen said.

Lindeen can’t wait to see what she concocts next.

“You never know what tomorrow will be,” Lindeen said.

The fudge is available for individual sale and at Galley and Garden in Birmingham.


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