BBB offers tips to ensure your online package arrive safely and on time

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Many in Alabama are concerned about whether their holiday packages will arrive to their destinations on time after hundreds of FedEx packages were found dumped on Alabama roadsides.

Many watched in horror when those packages were discovered, hoping their items weren’t among those thrown out.

The Better Business Bureau said while in many cases you’re at the mercy of those providing delivery services, there are some ways to make you feel more comfortable with shipping your packages.

The Better Business Bureau has a list of recommendations to ensure you get your packages when they’re expected.

Step one is getting the item insured.

“Generally, insurance on these types of services is quite low. So, it’s not like it’s a lot of money and it could be the difference between getting your package in one piece, or at the very least getting your money back and not,” said Vice President of Marketing & Communications for the BBB, Garet Smitherman.

Smitherman said it’s his understanding that FedEx is doing everything it can to get the missing and damaged packages back to their owners.

He said if you’re planning to shop online, you may want to consider in-store pickup.

“Avoid the hassle of worrying about your package getting there, you don’t have to worry about it being late or anything like that. Just go straight to the source, buy it and you’re also supporting the local economy doing that as well,” Smitherman said.

He also suggests paying with a credit card when shopping online.

“Even if your package is delivered and say it’s stolen, your credit card issuer might offer some additional protection and may even refund the cost of that product and there’s a better chance that the credit card issuing company would more so than if you used a debit card or some other form of payment,” Smitherman explained.

One final tip: add a signature requirement to your packages and track your items. That way you don’t have to wonder when or if your package arrived.


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Chasity Maxie

Chasity Maxie

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