Evan Meat’s The Son of a Butcher now open in Pepper Place

Evan Meat’s The Son of a Butcher now open in Pepper Place

Local, family-owned meat supplier, Evans Meats, officially opened its first retail location, The Son of a Butcher, in Pepper Place. Serving fresh meats, seafood and cheeses, this old-world butcher shop focuses on each customer’s experience and relationship with their butcher.

By breaking down larger cuts into packaged portions, Evans Meats shifted its business to a direct-to-consumer model and sold directly out of its warehouse and delivery trucks. Consumers were able to select and order products online and pick up in a contactless drive-thru at Evans Meats warehouse.

After seeing success with the direct-to-consumer model, Evans saw potential in a retail storefront, and The Son of a Butcher was born. In addition to Evans 20 years of experience in the meat business, he has an incredible team helping source the best products for customers.

Shop managers, Ryan Hagemann and Cliff Lawler, have impressive culinary backgrounds training under James Beard award-winning chefs, studying culinary art in top institutions and leading specialty departments at Whole Foods. Serving the industry for 20 years, Cheesemonger Brian McMillan loves working with small family farmers and producers who are committed to making a difference to the working rural landscape.

Focused on source quality and consistent products, The Son of a Butcher created a unique space where everything points to the product. From custom cases and dry age cabinets made in Italy by Criobcabin to the shop design and branding partnerships with ArchitectureWorks and Scout Branding, everything about The Son of a Butcher was selected intentionally to tell a story – including its location in Pepper Place.

For more information on The Son of a Butcher, visit slossrealestate.com. To learn more about the Pepper ne onPlace district, please visit pepperplace.com.

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