The Queen of Clean - Red Wine Spills

So you just had a party and somebody knocks over their red wine glass under your carpet, and don’t you just wish it was that easy to remove, but it’s not, instead you need to remove it. And there’s a great trick.

If you’re gonna serve red wine, serve white wine, pour that white wine onto that red stain, and then simply start and blot blot blot.

Now I want you to keep putting the white wine on and blotting until all of that red is gone. See how it spreads it out and takes it out of the rug. We’re gonna just keep blotting until all of the red is gone. Once all the red is gone, blot a little bit more and then step away and leave it. But look back here where I poured it on just those two times, we’ve already gotten rid of most of the stain. So if you’re gonna serve red wine, always serve white wine. Even if you don’t drink it.

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