Food hacks to help beat the heat shared by Atlanta nutritionist

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Most grocery shoppers have unknowingly filled their carts with what their body needs most this summer, according to health experts.

Registered dietitian and nutritionist Marisa Moore said food on most grocery lists is key in staying hydrated.

“You need 13 cups of water for men and about nine cups for women,” explained Moore. “You don’t have to get liquid from water. It can come from a variety of food as well.”

Fruits and vegetables with about 90% water are best for keeping the body hydrated. Moore listed greens, tomatoes, melons, and berries as top choices.

However, other natural foods can leave the body feeling depleted. Meat and diuretics like asparagus, artichoke, and mango may drive a person toward dehydration.

Moore suggested balance over avoidance when creating a meal.

“If you’re eating a burger on the grill, make sure you balance it out with peppers or onions, which are high in water. Maybe have a fruit salad on the side,” she said.

Even sweet treats like ice cream – high in sugar and often considered unhealthy – won’t do much damage if paired with water immediately after.

“Ice cream does have a little bit of salt in it, which does drive us to want to drink,” she explained. “Don’t resist that urge.”

Moore also cast doubt on a popular myth in her industry: spicy foods might help someone stay cool in hot temperatures.

“They make you sweat a little bit and cool down – I don’t know if I’m going to buy that,” she said.

Moore said the worst thing a person can consume in the heat is alcohol.

Savannah Louie

Savannah Louie

Savannah Louie is an anchor and multi-media journalist for Atlanta News First. She anchors the Saturday evening newscasts and reports during the week. Savannah joined the Atlanta News First team in September 2021.