Good Day Cooking: Cutting Beef Brisket with Bob Sykes

Rest beef brisket after removing from the smoker. Let it rest uncut for at least a half an hour.

Proper knife: 12″ round tip serrated blade. A round tip minimizes friction and allows the meat to separate easily.

Proper cutting board: butcher block is best but any cutting board that does not allow it to slide.

Brisket must always be cut across the grain.

Cut the whole brisket in half across the grain. Separate the flat from the point. The flat is the thinner piece. It is called the first cut.

When cutting the flat, the cuts should be at about the width of a pencil. When cutting the point, the cuts should be about the width of two pencils.

When you stop cutting be sure to immediately wrap in foil or stand it on the cut end. Brisket can dry out very quickly.

Serve immediately with dill pickle chip and slice onion.

Beef Brisket is served every Wednesday at Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q.

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